transparent Platform

Welcome to Transparent Platform – Your exclusive Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery.
We offer you a unique tattoo experience that is both creative and private.

Our Studio is uniquely designed to ensure you ultimate privacy. We have only one tattoo place in a soundproof glass room. You can decide for yourself whether you want to be part of the studio while you get the tattoo or if you prefer to close the curtains for complete privacy. This is how we ensure that you feel completely comfortable with us and can enjoy your time to the fullest.

Our team is made up of talented Tattoo Artists from all over the world who bring their unique styles and techniques. Each artist works closely with you to create a tattoo that fits you and your body perfectly. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priority.

There will always be a member of staff available to assist you throughout the entire process to ensure you and the artist have everything you need. 

Visit us and experience a Tattoo Studio at Transparent Platform that is tailored to your individual wishes and needs.